Arraslea Cattery

"Cats are like music, it would be foolish to try to explain their worth to those who don't appreciate them."

Welcome to Arraslea Cattery, this is a bespoke, family run boarding establishment designed and constructed around the security comfort and needs of it's feline guests.

Myself and Lance have always had pets and love our animals. I have ran a pet sitting business for many years where I travelled around looking after other people's pets. In 2016 we decided to open our own cattery. 

We want to ensure we have a great facility so we have put much thought and feeling into the accommodation.

We wanted to create a happy, safe, hygeinic, loving and fun place for cats to be cared for.

We pride ourselves on the care we give and feel it's important that all of our guests have a comfortable stay with us.

We know how much your cat's mean to you so our service offers the customer complete peace of mind.